Press Releases

The following material is available for use in print and broadcast media.
The photos may be published under the condition that they are attributed to atelierTheremin *.
* Musicians: Manfred Miersch, Arne Paul Neumann, Slyder
Analog light projection: Hanna Zimmermann

150 x 82,5mm or 125 x 95mm, 300dpi, RGB, 1 MB

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atelierTheremin 2011 (smoke)

atelierTheremin on stage with FAUST and Michi

atelierTheremin 2011 (silver)

atelierTheremin 2011 at the POLYHYMNIA Festival

atelierTheremin 2009 / in the garden (with Hanna)

atelierTheremin 2009

atelierTheremin 2008

atelierTheremin reviews/concept, German version, PDF-File (500KB)

atelierTheremin reviews/concept, English version, PDF-File (500KB)


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