The Concept:

Electronically-based experimental music situated somewhere between pop, trash, psychedelic, Krautrock, and so called "Neue Musik".

The word "Atelier" in German means an artist’s workspace, his workshop. For the founder of atelierTheremin, Manfred Miersch, this is a special place. A place where ideas are realised. A place to experiment with conventional and unconventional materials and means.

Since December 1996 Miersch has been inviting friends who are interested in the fusion of art and music to his sculptor’s atelier - a factory loft in the centre of Berlin - to make music and to rehearse for performances both in Berlin and other cities.

He chose the name "atelierTheremin" for his music project in homage to the electronic music pioneer Leon Theremin (also known as Lev Termen). In this way he wanted, he says, not to name the actual place but an imaginary place: a space that offers the potential and freedom in which to invent.

The unusual spelling with lower case letters ("atelier" instead of "Atelier" - in German all nouns are capitalised) is a conscious break with convention: playing with disruptions and irritations are the hallmark of atelierTheremin’s work. As a result of a conscious preference for a slowly mutating constellation of band members and their different vocal and instrumental abilities, atelierTheremin’s output exhibits ever-changing facets and features.

Nevertheless, the concept of atelierTheremin remains constant and unmistakable.

atelierTheremin’s first performance was on the 11th of May 1997 in a Berlin gallery. Since then, three CDs have appeared on the label Krautopia plus a sampler to which atelierTheremin contributed two tracks.

Alan Gould